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Key Points 

– Lightweight And Breathable Fabric    For Comfortable All-Day Wear

– Non-Padded Design For A Natural Silhouette Without Added Bulk Or Shaping

– Available In A Range Of Sizes And Styles, Including Full Coverage, Demi-Cup, And Balconette

– Ideal For Wearing Under T-Shirts, Blouses, And Other Everyday Outfits

– Easy To Care For And Maintain, Often Machine Washable

– A Versatile And Affordable Essential For Any Woman’s Lingerie Collection.

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A women’s everyday non-padded bra is a type of bra that is designed to be worn daily without adding extra volume or shaping to the breasts. It provides basic support and coverage, making it ideal for everyday wear under various types of clothing. Non-padded bras typically feature a lightweight and breathable fabric, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods. They come in various styles and shapes, such as full coverage, demi-cup, and balconette, to suit different body types and personal preferences. Overall, a non-padded bra is a versatile and practical choice for women who want comfortable and reliable support for their breasts in their daily lives.

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